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The Human Psyche Essay

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The human psyche is an important part of every human. One of the most important subjects the human psyche impacts is survival. A main focus of the human psyche and survival is the way the human psyche plays an active role in humans needs to fend for itself and continue to survive. The human psyche is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. The three main categories of the human psyche are the id, ego and superego. Survival is the drive to stay alive or the fact of remaining alive, especially after facing life-threatening danger. On a controversial level, some humans look at survival in different ways. One example of survival would be a person who lives an average life in a suburban area. In order for them to survive, they would go to a store to buy their food and water. There is no severe life-threatening situation or any drastic behavior needed in order to “survive”. On the other hand, in a life-threatening situation where no civilization is anywhere to be found, a human must fight for their food and water by making rash and bold decisions. This severe situation can cause a dramatic change in the emotional and psychological aspects of a human. The age group that is being targeted in this topic is anybody who is a young adult. An adolescent age group is being targeted because young adults are very fragile and malleable. They are at a very important and pivotal moment in their lives where they are beginning to develop a sense of freedom and independence while still being sheltered and cared for by their guardians. The human psyche plays a role into human survival through the id’s instinctual aspect, the ego’s reality and the super ego’s conscience.
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