Human Population And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

Human Population And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

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In every ecosystem, there is a limit to the amount of a certain species that can exist at anytime. Most of these, rely on one another in a most important way. If there is five-hundred bushes of berries and a deer eats five bushes of berries, then you should only have eighty deer. This may support seven wolves and so on and so forth. Every ecosystem is more complex but if a population of a certain species becomes to highly populated, then those below it in the chain will continue to fall while those above it rise in population to due to the increase in food supply. After a time, the berry population will be hard to find and the deer population will die off. When these deer start to ween off, so does the wolf population. As a result of a quintessence of the original deer population being there, the berries start to repopulate and thrive. These levels will eventually equal out.
The human population is just like the wolves. They feed off of everything below them and continue to populate until resources become scarce. In smaller ecosystems like a forest, the ecosystem can balance out on ...

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