Essay on The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine ( Hpv )

Essay on The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine ( Hpv )

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In 2006, the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) became available to the world. The HPV vaccines were targeted for young adolescent girls. The role of the HPV vaccine was to protect against most HPV-associated cancers as well as genital warts (McCuster, Macqueen, Lough, MacDonald, & Graham, 2013). However in 2009, men were included in receiving the HPV vaccination. HPV vaccines have shown to be effective among young girls and males. The proposed research question would be the following: What are the main unmet needs of the current HPV vaccines?
HPV is one of one of the most common sexual transmitted disease worldwide. To protect millions of young girls and boys from certain types of cancer, educating the public on HPV plays an important part (McCuster, Macqueen, Lough, MacDonald, & Graham, 2013). Having an effective prophylactic vaccine could be of importance to the public as well. There are two available vaccines for HPV and they are Cervarix and Gardasil. It has been recommended for girls 9 to 26 (McCuster, Macqueen, Lough, MacDonald, & Graham, 2013). For boys, the vaccine is recommended for ages 13 through 21 years old. It is also recommended to have all three doses by age of 13 (McCuster, Macqueen, Lough, MacDonald, & Graham, 2013).
A gap does exist in the research of HPV and the HPV vaccines. HPV vaccines remain low among adolescents as compared to other recommended vaccines (Watkins, Reitzel, Wetler, & McNeil, 2015). The lack of knowledge and awareness of the HPV vaccine could lead to devastating results. For example, before the introduction of the HPV vaccine, African American women were less likely to receive routine screening for cervical cancer (Watkins, Reitzel, Wetler, & McNeil, 2015). Also, African Americans women ha...

... middle of paper ... will be 10 closed-end questions inquiring about the knowledge of HPV and HPV vaccination. It will take approximately, 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire will be given to 500 college students at GCSU. The participants will include 250 females and 250 males between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three years old. A consent form will be needed for completion. The data collected will be input into Microsoft excel. After completion of the questionnaire, a $25 gift certificate will be rendered.
In conclusion, making the public aware of HPV, cervical cancer, and vaccination can ensure that the public will reduce the newly infections of HPV. Educating the youth is still important. Adolescents are high risk of HVP. With continued efforts of informing the public, a better outcome with HPV vaccination and infections can improve.

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