The Human Origins And Evolution Essay

The Human Origins And Evolution Essay

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Ancestors. The Human Origins and Evolution.

Prehistory in a logical and natural way, would begin with the appearance of the “Homo” and follows its evolution over millions of years until the creation of the state which is defined as an instrument of social organization. To understand the emergence and evolution of the human throughout prehistory, we should take a closer look at our ancestors, or better said to the presumed ancestors, while the reconstruction of their early emergence and evolution is full of mysteries and has still many unknown elements that are waiting to be discovered.

Currently, the most well reasoned theory of evolution of modern humans - Homo Sapiens Sapiens – follows the hypothesis model of the recent single origin hypothesis (RSOH), also known as recent African origin model.(Cameron & Grooves, 2004) This hypothesis states that modern human beings are originated from Africa between 200,000 and 100,000 BC. Members of a descendent branch from this species migrated approximately, 60,000 years ago, to other continents.(Darwin,1859) The first person that suggested this possible development of the human species in Africa was Charles Darwin in his work entitled "The Origin of Species” published in 1871. Darwin 's theory, unfortunately, wasn’t followed or accepted by too many followers, because, in that time there was no possibility to get the hang of Hominid fossils. Charles Darwin’s hypothesis, though, was confirmed after 50 years with the discovery of those kinds of fossils.

After the birth of two thousand generations from the time of the first migrations of Homo sapiens in Africa, the number of their descendants today reached over 6.5 billion over the planet. There is one question that ha...

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...A samples, providing unprecedented detail about the similarities and differences between modern humans belonging to different populations. Paleonthologists have felt for some time that the origin of humanity was Africa. From here, the representatives of the Homo sapiens species started spreading and settling across the globw. This theory is supported by the results of this new study. In addition, the new study certifies that the population of the Middle East can claim descent from both Africa, Europe and the Middle East being the main migrational route between the two geographical areas. Also, this study identified a close degree of familiarity between the Yakut population of Siberia and the Native Americans. The thesys proposing the fact that the native americans had migrated from the Siberian steppes and the colonization of the Norhern America.


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