Human Nature 's Influence On Our Ethics And Actions Essay

Human Nature 's Influence On Our Ethics And Actions Essay

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Human Nature’s Influence On Our Ethics and Actions

The story of Oryx and Crake 's makes it very apparent that human nature has a large influence on Jimmy and Glenn 's ethics and actions. Nature 's evolution is presented throughout Margaret Atwood’s scientific novel during the creation of medicines in the factories and moving on to Glenn creating the perfect human, Crakers. Looking into Soraya Copley 's academic article and and stories from Reading the World: Ideas That Matter, we’ll notice the evaluation of science fiction from human intelligence, Ruth Benedict 's many ideas of how society affects the human evolution as well the overall influence on our ethics and actions because of human nature.
According to the Eco-feminist Perspectives on Nature and Technology by Soraya Copley, “one of the most immediate impetus of science fiction is human intelligence”. Which is very apparent in Oryx and Crake based on Jimmy growing up around scientists in the compounds, there are very intelligent characters. Nature, all living creatures and ultimately the human race itself, fall to the overreaching of the biological sciences. Jimmy’s father and his colleague suspect biological sabotage in the form of a deadly virus unleashed by a rival business in order to ensure the destruction of their animals and so dominate the market. The world is not as different to our own then we would think, Peter Singer points out, “each year, US Industrial laboratories slaughter an average of 63 million animals – primates, dogs, rabbits, pigs, frogs and birds” (Coplay 46). The reality of nature here is that humans create a gross manipulation and destruction of animals and the ecosystem in Oryx and Crake compares to our reality of animals dying ...

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...e and impact who you are. As he looks into community, technology, and social environment it is obvious each of these are a part of human nature and play huge roles in our lives and in shaping our identities A person who helps out the community and is involved with what is going on in the community and is actively social with their people is not only shaping their identity but is also helping others shape their identities. That says a lot of a person it classifies them as a good person who is willing to be involved with social problems and is willing to help. "Every tool imposes limitations even as it opens possibilities"(Carr 123). Identity affects humans ethics and actions based on how, where, and the era they were raised. Human nature is a beautiful thing and our future generations should be treated with kindness because it will only make our world a greater place.

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