The Human Mind Part Of The Mind And Your Brain Essay

The Human Mind Part Of The Mind And Your Brain Essay

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Most of the body’s functions such as, thinking, emotions, memories and so forth are controlled by the brain. It serves as a central nervous system in the human body. The mind is the intellect/consciousness that originates in the human brain and manifests itself in emotions, thoughts, perceptions and so forth. This means that the brain is the key interpreter of the mind’s content. Jackson and Nagel seem to resist identifying what we call “mental events” with brain events, for different reasons, while J.J.C. Smart takes the opposing view.
Numerous speculations have been advanced to clarify the relationship between what we call your mind and your brain. They incorporate Jackson and Nagel 's journey to oppose recognizing what we call 'mental occasions ' with brain occasions, for distinctive reasons, while body problem by trying to answer the following questions; Is the human mind part of the brain or is the brain part of the mind? J.J.C. Smart takes the restricting view on the same. Many theories have tried to solve the mind. If they exist independently, how do they interact?
Mental events are those particular occurrences of things going on in the human mind that make up the conscious mind of a person and can be manipulated by the mental process. They are those private conversations going on inside the human head. The following scenario illustrates this point well; a woman window shopping in the mall sees and recognizes an old friend. Seeing and recognizing the old friend is an occurrence that is going on in the woman’s mind: perception. It is a mental event because it is happening in the woman’s mind. It’s only the individual that has access to the mind, other individuals can only try and interpret.
In philosophy, the critical anal...

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...e materialism school of thought. A human being is the mind itself because the mind starts operating whenever there is there is intellect of individuality. The mind originates from inside the brain and this makes the brain a tangible form of the mind. In my view, the brain and mind are inseparable if the brain is not there then the mind will also not be there. This is because when the mind is altered directly, the intellect is also affected. The mind also shapes the brain because what the brain only does is to reflect what is going on in the human mind.
Although many philosophers have tried to solve the mind/body problem, it is best to concede that the inquiry of how the mind and the brain get connected is best left up to the individual person and what they want to believe. I believe the philosopher J.J.C. Smart to be correct in his theory in my own personal opinion.

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