Human Machines: Fate or Fantasy? Essay

Human Machines: Fate or Fantasy? Essay

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Human Machines: Fate or Fantasy?
In society, technology continues to expand and innovate far beyond we could have ever imagined. With the development of technology, we become more dependent upon our technological machines. Because of our dependency upon these machines, we now view them as a part of us and no longer view them as the instrument they are intended to be. Our need for machines now shows where our future is headed, a dystopia in which we are all absorbed by our machines and human interaction is unnecessary. Although technology can be used to benefit us greatly and can provide many advantages when used properly as a tool, we have begun to abuse our tools and have allowed them to play too great a role in our human lives. Rather than machines being used by humans to accomplish our goals and jobs, we have allowed machines to use humans and damage us in various aspects of our lives. In psychological and physical regards, they can seriously damage our mind and the way we perceive others in social regards. Ultimately, I believe we are headed towards a dystopian future because humans are no longer using machines, but machines have begun to shape our lives and affect us through psychological and physical affects.
Technology can largely affect the way we view society in a psychological sense. Young children have very flexible minds that are easily altered by various factors, especially technology. Dr. Jim Taylor, internationally recognized for his psychology of parenting, provides what has happened with the rise of technology in the following statement “Then the internet was invented and…distraction is the norm, consistent attention is impossible, imagination is unnecessary, and memory is inhibited” to describe what happened...

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...g forward to a human machine; a person with all the qualifications to be an independent thinker, but has been strangely programmed to respond with machine like feedback.

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