Essay on Human Life Is More Than Just A Cluster Of Biological Cells

Essay on Human Life Is More Than Just A Cluster Of Biological Cells

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It is becoming more difficult to know what to do in life and death situations. Advancements in medicine, challenges in the court, and changing opinions have raised questions about when life begins, what its value is, and when it ends. In the United States each life is very important and is taken very seriously. That is what distinguishes it from most of the other countries where we can see that there are constant wars going on and innocent people dying every day. If we start terminating people because they are not convenient or it’s expensive demeans that value. Human life is much more than just a cluster of biological cells. (Messerli, 2012)
Rosenstand (2013), explains a modern equivalent of Kant’s idea where philosophers suggest the concept of irreplaceability. According to the ethics of irreplaceability, each person, no matter how old or how isolated and lonely, is unique and should be respected as a person, never to be sold out to the happiness of the majority. The discipline of bioethics is continually struggling to create policy suggestions for all the areas in which human needs may collide, such as the abortion issue, genetic profiling, euthanasia, and organ transplants; but the underlying philosophy is that human beings and their bodies are not commodities to be used for someone else’s purpose, even if that purpose may be the greater good. (p 669) Christians also support this point. God teaches that all human life is his gift, regardless of its "quality" and is worthy of our respect and protection. Jesus died for all. Even those with "poor quality" lives should live for Him (2 Corinthians 5:15). With these examples we can see that accepting euthanasia weakens society 's respect for the value of human life. This leads to m...

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.... Rosenstand (2013) Asks: Is there courage in the suicidal act? Undoubtedly, in the decision and in the act itself – but might there be more bravery in staying alive? (p. 548). I believe it takes more courage to fight for your life to the end no matter what may come than to end it.
Christianity teaches that suffering can have a place in God 's plan, in that it allows the sufferer to share in Christ 's agony and his redeeming sacrifice. They believe that Christ will be present to share in the suffering of the believer. Some non-religious people also believe that suffering has value. They think it provides an opportunity to grow in wisdom, character, and compassion. Suffering is something which draws upon all resources of a human being and enables them to reach the highest and noblest points of what they really are. (Ethics Guide, the nature of suffering section, 2014)

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