Essay about Human Language : A Fascinating Enigma Throughout Our History

Essay about Human Language : A Fascinating Enigma Throughout Our History

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Human language is a fascinating enigma throughout our history. As far as my memory goes, how various forms of communication happen in our society and improve our life condition invoked my interests. Attending different schools, applying my language skills in promotion of class activities and writing journals was always a part of my duty. I discovered the strong connection between words, thoughts and emotion from there. I finally started to build a systematic understanding of the history and future of words. More specifically, my main interest was the daily texture in modern era of mass media and industrial production. During my research, I learned that a few lines of minimal advertisement was the engine for Apple to selling over a billion iPhones. As a local story, by updating the wording of the script, Tasting China, a Chinese document, was able to boost the number of it’s viewers greatly. From those story, I realized the significant power of content marketing. Studying, developing and eventually contributing to this field was my inspiration since then.

In my undergraduate years, I devoted myself in the endless possibility of language in the information age. During a university academic competition, I organized an investigation project with my team, focusing on the emoji usage of contemporary college students’ online communication. In this study, I completed an in depth analysis on the characters, preference and psychology of millennials from the information of patterns that only involving a handful of bytes. On the other hand, I had an experience on collecting more than 600 survey questionnaires using WeChat, a popular cross-platform instant messaging application in China. I tried to create an informative, practical and fun su...

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...ure. Applying those ideas, the show received a great positive feedback from different areas and became the one of the most popular show of channel.

Those experience shaped my knowledge base, inspiration and life plans and deepen my encouragement on content marketing and its related field. As a short term objective, I am willing to participate in a marketing related position and contribute my passion and energy for content creation. After gaining solid experience from the industry, I will lead my team to create high quality content. As a life motivation, I would like to reshape the industry, provide ethical information and more personalized services considering cultural and background difference. Therefore, I would like continuing my research and business practice in your academic program in order to achieve my goals and contribute to the industry in the future.

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