Human Interaction With Nature On People 's Lives Essay

Human Interaction With Nature On People 's Lives Essay

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Human interaction with nature plays an extremely pivotal role in enhancing people’s lives. However, a combination of various factors has made immense contribution towards the lack of such arrangements. This is particularly astonishing considering the fact that nature can be quite influential on people’s lives. It is essential to note that the natural environment has a positive implication on the learning and developmental processes of children (Louv, 2005). Nevertheless, children are increasingly finding it considerably hard to find opportunities for interacting with nature. Some of the key factors behind this phenomenon are the evident loss of natural habitats. In addition to that, the society rarely makes provisions for children playgrounds that would expose them to natural environments. It is also pertinent to note that it is common for children to be considerably disconnected from nature even when natural surroundings are available. This paper explores the benefits associated with exposing children to nature besides highlighting factors that restrict children’s access to outdoor playgrounds. It is apparent that children’s acess to nature should be accorded tremendous priority.
Problem Statement
Today, children’s playgrounds are increasingly characterized by lack of exposure to natural environments (Moore, 1997). It is worth appreciating the fact that nowadays, children are more likely to interact with electronics as opposed to nature. This is mainly attributed to various factors including the fact that adults fail to incorporate the needs of children in the course of their plans. However, the enormous benefits that can result from interacting with nature make it essential for adults to make certain readjustments ...

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...ives. This is mainly because children who interact with nature for extended periods reap enormous benefits as opposed to those who are confined in indoor spaces. In the recent past, however, children have significantly lost access to natural habitats, which locks them out of outdoor playgrounds. Gross incompetence among city planners have contributed to the diminishing outdoor spaces for children. Furthermore, parents ironically restrict children’s access to natural habitats since they fear for the children’s safety whenever they venture out of the indoor spaces (Moore, 1997). However, it is prudent for parents to appreciate the fact that the benefits that children gain from interacting with nature outweigh the risks involved. It is, therefore, essential for stakeholders to ensure that children have access to nature in a manner that would not jeopardize their safety.

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