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Human Implants

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Human Implants
People have a lot of questions about if a microchip should be implanted in humans or animals. The system would be admitted slowly at first to try and let people get use to the idea of a microchip in their arm. The reason for this admission slowly of the new microchips is to keep them from there unease of the system usage and appearance the microchip may give off. Many people would benefit from a microchip implant in their children, to have immediate access to their medical records and even to a person's criminal background.
Many children are abducted through out the world and many are never found. Children and parents would benefit from this new technology. Perceive a child was abducted by a complete stranger and took far off from there home; they could be easily tracked by the microchip in the child. The microchip in the child would give off high pulse action sonar that would hit the satellites above the earth giving the exact location or pin point in seconds of where the child is at. Some people disagree that regardless if they can find the child, a crime has been committed and more than likely the child is dead. In many of the situations when a child is abducted for a long period of time this would be true. If the microchip is in the child they could be found alive or dead but it would give ease to there families that the child was found.

Another way the microchip can be useful in a situation is it can give out medical records. It would tell us who the person is, their information on what the person is allergic to and tell us their past medical visits. The microchip in humans would highly protect many people and save the lives of others. Say for instance that a person with a microchip in his/her arm were in a serious car wreck and was not able to speak. With the microchip the medical staff could scan it and with a computer on board it would pull up the medical records of the victim and make it more convenient. For patients with Alzheimer's disease who wander away from home, a microchip could make it possible for caregivers to identify non-verbal or confused patients and establish their health care preferences. The microchip would also be helpful in other situation like; if a child was left on the side of the road and no one had any idea who the child belonged to, or where did the child came from.

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If a child had the microchip implanted into him/her at birth, then the child could be easily identified. There are so many ways the microchip can be helpful, for instance, it can provide a quick criminal background. For example, if someone wanted to buy a gun, I know from my own experience that it takes almost up to two weeks for Wal-Mart to do a background check before a person can even purchase a firearm. With the microchip implant the person at the register can just simply scan your arm where the microchip is implanted and quickly bring up a person's criminal background to see if they are eligible to buy the firearm. If the scan throws up a red flag, then that person cannot buy the fire arm. Another reason that the microchip would be useful

with the criminal background check is when a person goes to apply for a job. The microchip could tell the person that is going to hire him/her that there background is clear and the person is reliable for work. It can also tell about the persons past criminal history, if there is any. Daniel
Man and Zacky Meltzer, the engineer who has helped Man's device take shape, hail from Israel, where terrorism is a constant threat and security issues are paramount. Inspired by several prominent kidnap-murder cases, Man intended the implant for use as a safeguard against child abduction. "When I was a resident in plastic surgery, I was in many situations when this was needed, and there wasn't anything like it," says Man. "The idea was to get something very small that would fit outside or inside the body without being detected. Man's device could be used to prevent child kidnappers, monitor prisoners, and help locate stolen pets.
Microchip ID tags are saving thousands of pets. Homing devices can prevent kidnappers, which otherwise get away. The chip, a powerless device the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the animal's skin with a special syringe. Each chip is programmed with a distinctive ID number that can be read using a scanner. The number is linked to a database containing information about each animal. Public Skepticism regarding human implants may run high, but the pet microchips are gaining widespread acceptance. Subcutaneous chips were first conceived for use in thoroughbred horses, and the market for other animals quickly followed. According to Info pet's Harding," fewer than 2 percent of the cats that end up in animal shelters nationwide are ever returned to their owners." This does not mean that microchips are not a good idea. This only means no one has taken the time to make sure the

person is aware that their cat has been found. With that being said it may be possible the owner did not want the pet back. For example another county said, "In Marin County and San Mateo County, where they've been using the microchip for a number of years, they are now seeing about 20 percent of cats returned to owners--and they attribute that directly to the microchip," she says. "And it will get better, the more animals that have the microchip." In 1991, zoos worldwide began micro-chipping their animals, and the Congress of International Trade Endangered Species, comprising more than 100 member countries, also has agreed to start implanting chips in endangered species. There will always be controversy on this matter because people have different opinions about microchips. In the long run microchips would be a good idea if implemented properly. The outlook of saving domesticated animals and endangered animals is a great incentive for this type of technology.
Another argument against the microchip is the religious reason. "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake like a dragon. . . . And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads." "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." Revelation 13:11, 13:16 The helpfulness of the device is unquestionable, but the Biblical ramification has raised the hair of public tolerant and religious groups, among others, who see the potential for misuse. Some Christians literally view Man's device, or some related equipment, as "the mark" used by the Antichrist to identify his followers, according to the Bible book of Revelation. One believer is Terry Cook, a former Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy and state fraud investigator who

penned The Mark of the New World Order, a title found in Christian bookstores. "We're all going to be marked and identified by the year 2001; that's the plan," says Cook. "There are several bills pending to get us national ID cards now. Microchip implants are the technology that will be used in 'the mark.' "As of February 23, 2006 some five years later this still has not happen.
The age is with new technology that sometimes will not appeal to a person's beliefs People think that this microchip is not ever going to make it to the market and will never be placed in humans. If people would only take a few seconds and look around just for that one moment, people would finally see that this microchip idea is already happening. It is only a matter of time before this new innovation will hit the market and every human will have one implanted in there arms for security. All of these technologies have tremendous potential benefits to humankind, but given the public's general distrust of the government and the propensity of both religion and pop culture. The pet microchips is already been the target of some who fear they will pave the way for public acceptance of human implants. Instead of being afraid of new technology people need to research and learn before they condemn.

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