Human Impact Of Global Warming At The Global Humanitarian Forum Essay

Human Impact Of Global Warming At The Global Humanitarian Forum Essay

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In 2009 Former UN general Kofi Annan presented a report on the first comprehensive study of the human impact of global warming at the Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva. The details of the report were apocalyptic. “If emissions are not brought under control within 25 years 310m more people will suffer...20m more people will fall into poverty...75m extra people will be displaced by climate change... 500,000 deaths a year by 2030,” says the report.
This ghost of an imagined future haunts us as we confront the realities of climate change. Global temperatures and sea levels are risings. Oceans are warming and ice caps are melting. Drought, famine and other ecological disasters are becoming more intense. Natural disasters and severe weather events are occurring more often.
Behind the struggle address these concerns, lies the rapid increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into into the atmosphere.
“Our collective emission of greenhouse gases has the same kind of impact on the planet’s climate as a whole as do forces of very large natures – such as those generated by tec...

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