Human Immunodeficiency Virus And The Immune System Essay

Human Immunodeficiency Virus And The Immune System Essay

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The human immunodeficiency virus incapacitates and debilitates the immune system. Furthermore, the human immunodeficiency virus attacks the immune system which therefore, leaves people less able to fight the infection due to the lack of helper T cells (HIV, 2014). Additionally, the human body natural defense system has a hard time fighting off the HIV virus, because the immune system becomes weak after exposure to the HIV virus. The human immunodeficiency virus destroys the blood cells that are very important to the human body, once white blood cells are destroyed than the body can no longer defend itself (HIV & AIDS Health Center., 2016). The human immunodeficiency virus was first discovered in 1983, but research indicates that HIV circulated in humans for over 7 decades prior to being discovered (Carmichael, 2006). Research indicates that HIV is a descendant of simian immunodeficiency virus, and SIV infects monkeys (Carmichael, 2006). Scientists believe that HIV was transmitted to humans through animals (Carmichael, 2006).
Some of the common symptoms of HIV include sore throat, mouth ulcers, muscle aches, rash, fever, and also fatigue. The Human immunodeficiency virus can be transmitted through body fluids which include blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and or breast milk (Rubenstein, & Sorrentino, 2008). Research indicates that HIV spreads mostly through unprotected heterosexual intercourse (Townsend, Zembe, Mathews, 2013). The human immunodeficiency virus can also spread from sharing needles, and also through mother to child transmission. The human immunodeficiency virus infects people by attaching itself to either blood mononuclear cells or CD4+T cells (Rubenstein, & Sorrentino, 2008). Once the virus releases ribonucleic aci...

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... taking a sample of saliva from a person. The primary tests for diagnosing HIV include ELISA, Home tests, Saliva tests, viral load test, and lastly western blot. The ELISA test stands for enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (UCSF, 2016). The most common way to diagnose HIV is through blood tests. It can take as long as a year to six weeks to actually start to develop antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus (UCSF, 2016). A common place where people take a HIV test is at private clinics. Furthermore, most health care providers offer HIV testing because early diagnosis could save someone’s life. It is important for people who are sexually active to get tested because early diagnosis is crucial. Early diagnosis can help treat the condition prior to developing into something more serious. HIV testing is available for free or people can buy a test from a pharmacy.

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