Essay on Human Immune Deficiency Virus ( Hiv )

Essay on Human Immune Deficiency Virus ( Hiv )

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In the United States, we are fortune to have access to an excellent healthcare system. We are able to receive medical attention, testing, and medications when we need it. Other countries are not as fortunate to receive the same type of medical delivery system as we do in the United States. One of those countries is Ghana. Ghana is a country in Africa that has been plagued with hardship in their medical system. One of the diseases that has affected Ghana, and all of Africa, is HIV/AIDS. Ghana has many organizations that help with the fight against HIV/AIDS and aide in financial resources for the country. Ghana as a nation has recently enacted a healthcare system whose goal is to provide universal coverage to the Citizens.
Human immune deficiency virus (HIV), is a virus that when left untreated will cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV is a life long disease; there is no known cure for this disease. HIV attacks the bodies T-cells, which are part of the immune system to help fight off disease. When the T-cells are attacked in the body, it can cause the person to become more susceptible to different diseases. When HIV is left untreated the immune system is very weak. The late stage of HIV is now AIDS, when this stage occurs an infection or cancer can make its way into the person. This infection will usually cause death because of the immune system being extremely weak (HIV/AIDS 101 para 1). When proper medication is taken HIV can be controlled. Antiretroviral (ART) medication is used to prolong the life of those infected by HIV, and prevent the disease from developing into AIDS (HIV/AIDS 101 para 2). According to the article workshop on HIV/AIDS and Adult Mortality in Developing Countries written by UNA...

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...owever, this greatly reduced the use of the healthcare system. Most people could not afford the fees for services, so they did not access medical attention (Akosua &Aseweh, 2009).
Now, financing healthcare institutions has become the responsibility of Ghana’s government. According to the study, “Estimating the Cost of Healthcare Delivery in Three Hospitals in Southern Ghana”, written by Anthony Q.Q.Aboagye, A.N.K. Degboe and A.A.D. Obuobi (2010), the study was conducted to collect information on how much it cost to run three hospitals in Ghana. Three hospitals were chosen for the study: mission, referral, and direct hospital (Aboagye A et al. 2010). According to the study, the cost to operate breaks down as follows: The missionary hospital cost US $758,647, the district hospital cost US $487,537, and the referral hospital cost US $1,394,321 (Aboagye A. et al. 2010).

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