Human Health Effects Of Eating Corn Fed Cattle Essay

Human Health Effects Of Eating Corn Fed Cattle Essay

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Agriculture has been one of the few foundations America has had from the very beginning. Most importantly farming, cattle in particular. Beef is eaten all over the world, especially in the U.S. let alone. Just in the past year the U.S. consumed 25.5 billion pounds of beef (National Cattlemen, 2015). Clearly beef has a high value. In the beginning stages of farming, cattle were fed grass, but during the start of the 1950’s the farmers started to feed the cattle corn, because that cattle would grow larger in size (Corah, p.3635). Since then the popularity has grown, and now today it is very common for farmers to feed their cattle corn. Economically it is very smart, less space is needed and a profit can be made much faster. What I question though is are there human health effects of eating corn-fed cattle instead of grass-fed cattle? Is it less or more nutritional?
For a package of beef to have the label “grass-fed,” which is verified by the USDA, companies must comply with these requirements. For starters, the cattle must be fed only mother’s milk and forage (grass and other greens) during their lifetime (Robinson, 2008). Hay can be used as forage, which can either be grazed or consumed. Also cattle must always have access to pasture “during the growing season” (Robinson, 2008). The label however, does not indicate how “grass-fed” cattle can still be given hormones and antibiotics, as well as confined to a pen at times, instead of always free range (Robinson, 2008).
In this paper I will review the literature on if there are human health effects when eating corn-fed beef rather than grass-fed beef. Key points of my research are the Omega difference in both corn-fed and grass-fed meat, the difference in E. coli outbreaks and conta...

... middle of paper ... be enough research done, more has to be completed. For humans to be completely sure that in fact, eating corn-fed beef is less healthy instead of grass-fed beef more research has to be done, in particular testing done on humans over time in a controlled study to see what could arise from eating the two different beefs.
The best way toward a sustainable future in relation to the beef crisis is to make the government take action, and that starts with anybody. Individuals have to complain to their local representatives for government action, the USDA and FDA have to as well step in this debate. Force the government to create legislation on corn-fed and grass-fed beef. Also the consumer, when shopping look at the labels, be mindful of you are putting in your mouth. At the end of the day, it comes down to the individual itself. How much change does he or she want?

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