Human Growth And Development Class Essay

Human Growth And Development Class Essay

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Walking into my Human Growth and Development class I was not sure of what to expect, but I had high hopes for the end results. Thrilled with the idea of learning new things fired my soul to be attentive during every class meeting. I had one goal walking into class on the first day of this semester, gain all the knowledge I need to be a great mother and efficient missionary. Although there were external factors that impeded my ability to complete my classwork, being in class was a break for me. It allowed freedom from the stresses beyond the outside walls of the classroom. During this short time period, vast knowledge was gained that opened my mind to new avenues of thinking of how to apply and teach the bible. This semester may have flown by, but midway external adversities hindered my spirit causing the feeling that this semester would never end. The question, “Do I continue with school when my mind is not here?” proceeded to arise. I chose to pursue, moving forward with the peace God gave me to achieve my heart’s desire of being a children’s psychologist. This class taught me to be present in the moment at hand, develop realistic goals both big and small, and the true definition of enriched environments.
Being present in the moment is not just a physical matter, but is a combination of mental, emotional and physical engagement. An active presence requires the consistent participation of critical thinking for a mental connection to occur. Through this connection another connection is formed, emotional understanding of yourself and others by compassion and empathy. During our class discussions, we covered numerous life to apply topics, such as different stages of life, financial class differences in our society, understanding rape...

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...pired me to come up with different tools to assist my grandparents and parents with encouraging them to continue to grow and learn as well as never stop doing the things they love to do.
In conclusion, this semester would be considered a success due to the useful knowledge gained from being fully present, developing fruitful goals and understanding what an enriched environment holds. This class has helped me to learn how to tie in what I learn in all my classes with my life outside of a classroom. I would recommend this class to students who are searching for a better understanding of accepting people for who they are and what they believe. This class boards the spectrum of one’s mind by being exposed to either new material or familiar material viewed in a different light. The lessons I learned from this class, will carry on in my life and future missionary goals.

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