The Human Genome Project ( Hgp ) Essay

The Human Genome Project ( Hgp ) Essay

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The Human Genome Project (HGP) is a Multinational, collaborative research program whose goal was to complete mapping and understanding of all the genes present in the human being. The commencement of Human Genome Project began in 1988, with the support of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Department of Energy (DOE). The Initial phase of the Human Genome Project (1990’s) relied on the findings and techniques such as Site-specific Restriction enzymes, positional cloning, Polymerase chain reaction, Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH ) and STS ( sequence Tagged site )determination, used in early 1970-1980’s, to study and sequence genes. In order to store the study of human genomes, a free online database was created by NIH, in 1982, in the name GenBank. By 2000, ‘85 percent of sequencing on human genome’ with a 5.11 fold coverage of human DNA sequence was done to highlight the ‘blueprint of human being’; It also marked the event of completion of sequencing on Fruit flies ‘Drosophila melanogaster’. The year 2001 highlighted the significance of three-fold coverage of the mouse DNA sequence i.e. 95%, which would embark on finding human genes, in comparison with the mouse sequence. The completion of entire human genome sequencing (99.99%) was done on 2003 and the final draft was made accessible to the public via an online database. The proposition and development of the ‘ENCODE project’ were also made in 2003, to imply the study of structural and biological functions of the gene encoded in human DNA. Ever since the release of human genome sequences and ENCODE Project in 2003, it has created a wide spur interest among all scientific researchers, other Institutional beneficiaries and Pharmaceutical companies to be able, t...

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...any disease. However, the usage of DTC kits, many face the anxiety, stress and depression issues due to the predicted outcomes of the test and undergo immediate treatment without much consultation. Thereby Consultation with Genetic Counsellor after receiving the DTC test results must be made mandatory by the private organizations offering DTC kits. Thereby since the information provided by the human genome project is very fragile and is still under research for further development of treatments for specific diseases, it our responsible duty to handle this information provided to us with care and be solely used for the betterment of Man-Kind and not over or misuse it for the curiosity spurred in us, as the ultimate goal is to understand the nature and nurture of scientific evidence dealt with our genome sequences and apply them to the development of Healthy Population.

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