The Human Genome as Evidence of Life on Other Planets Essay

The Human Genome as Evidence of Life on Other Planets Essay

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The Human Genome
Since the beginning of human fascination with outer space, the question “Is there life on other planets?” has existed and has waited to be answered. Early astronomers looking to find life on other planets were brutally punished by the Catholic Church. For years, people saw these astronomers as heretics for going against the church and undesirable, but today there might be evidence that supports these astronomers. Today, we find that people are still split between believing in alien life or not. People devoted to a religion tend to disagree with the possibility of life anywhere but Earth as it goes against their beliefs. However, with the increase of realistic movies about aliens and very convincing theories, many young people are beginning to believe that life on other planets does not seem so radical after all. Each day, scientists find more and more predictive evidence that leads most of them to believe that there is life on other planets.
Some theorists that aliens have been around since the early civilizations were formed. These theorists have studied the history of early civilizations and have said to find historical and religious texts filled with ancient alien connections. Theorists have been said to be able to decipher ancient painting of aliens and their spaceships. According to the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens “Swiss author Erik Von Daniken put forth a hypothesis that, thousands of years ago, space travelers from other planets visited Earth, where they taught humans about technology and ancient religions.”(The History Channel). The pyramids of Egypt are so complex to build at the time with limited technology, that these theorists believe that the ancient aliens came down and helped the Egy...

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