Essay on Human Genetic Engineering: Destroying Humans One Gene at a Time

Essay on Human Genetic Engineering: Destroying Humans One Gene at a Time

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Genetic engineering is a practice commonly used in the food industry to produce yields of superior size or quality, but recently this technology has been tested on humans. In human genetic engineering (HGE) the genes are manipulated within a living person or zygote, a baby in its earliest form. With this technology not only can disease can be prevented, but average humans can also modify themselves with enhanced traits. This is hazardous and unnecessary. Genetic engineering should not be used in humans, unless it is done to prevent or treat disease, since the consequences are not worthy and are potentially devastating for the human race.
Scientists do not yet recognize what can transpire with publicity of HGE. Scientists work on HGE intending to free the world of disorders such as Down syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. They do not realize that average humans will also use this technology to advance themselves and therefore produce a race unlike the humans today. The benefits do not out-weigh the devastating outcome that will follow. The technology is already out there, and the only way to stop it is to generate laws preventing it from being used in ways other than disease prevention.
Somatic and germline engineering are the types of HGE being used now. Although cloning is another type of HGE, it is years away from being perfected. Rayshell Clapper, an Associate Professor of English, reports somatic engineering targets cells within the body, not including egg or sperm cells, to change a specific tissue’s genes. A virus-like organism is let into the body containing a new gene that will overtake a cell and copy itself through mitosis (“Human Genetic”). Somatic engineering is used in live patients seeking modification within their ow...

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