Essay about Human Frailty And Sorrow By Arthur Dimmesdale

Essay about Human Frailty And Sorrow By Arthur Dimmesdale

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Arthur Dimmesdale faces many challenges throughout the course of the novel, which causes him to evolve. Despite his many good qualities, he does not confess, while Hester Prynne gets publicly shamed for the sin they committed together. This adds up to the reader’s lack of empathy for Dimmesdale. He plays the role of “human frailty and sorrow.” The activities Hester and Dimmesdale engage in are completely unacceptable in the Puritan society. Arthur Dimmesdale is a Puritan minister, he is expected to be the representation of Puritan faith, so he refrains from disclosing the truth.
For example, Dimmesdale’s main problem in the novel is his conflict within. His remorse takes a toll on his life and transforms him into a feeble person. Keeping his sin a secret for seven years is destroying his soul. Conclusively, he is driven to confess. “The immediate result of the interview in the forest was not only exhilarating but euphoric. Dimmesdale rushes home to write the Election Sermon that is to crown his ministerial career in such a burst of energy as he had not known since he became a sinner. He eats voraciously and writes furiously, expending his mental and physical energies as recklessly as if he were to never need them again, which, as it turns out, he did not” (Wagenknecht 68). He stands on the scaffold with Hester and Pearl, revealing that he is the father of Pearl. This is the resolution to Dimmesdale’s conflict. It relieves his soul from further grief. He has a sense of relief on his deathbed while in the arms of Hester Prynne.
For instance, Dimmesdale’s undisclosed guilt leads to changes in him. During the beginning of the book Dimmesdale appears to be sensitive with deep sadness in his eyes. He lives with the shame of the sin he...

... middle of paper ...

...sin directly before his death, but avoids paying the consequences afterward. It is difficult to have respect toward Reverend Dimmesdale, but at the end of the novel readers pity him.
Arthur Dimmesdale endures many hardships thrown his way and was subjected to many changes. He had a guilty conscience over a long period of time. It consumes his soul and deteriorates his physical condition. Not only does his physical appearance alter his state of mind does as well. He is so severely damaged that he causes himself harm to pay for his sin. Approaching his death, he recognizes his family in the public eye. By taking this action his young daughter, Pearl feels accepted by her father at last.

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