Essay on Human Female Orgasm Rate And Number Of Offspring

Essay on Human Female Orgasm Rate And Number Of Offspring

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Based on the theories of human evolution, there has been beliefs that our species must have developed overtime to perform acts that satisfy orgasmic pleasures via natural and sexual selection. Nevertheless, researchers continue to question why such trait has been selected over evolutionary time. Many have hypothesized that such orgasmic pleasure must have evolved generically to enhance reproductive success, especially in females since they are the limiting resources (fertilizers) that exclusively take part in the process of pregnancy. Brendan P. Zietsch and Pekka Santtila, respective professors of the University of Queensland, Australia, conducted a study to determine whether if orgasm enhances the possibility of fertilization and published their findings in the article No Direct Relationship between Human Female Orgasm Rate and Number of Offspring. The study itself was designed to resolve an intriguing theoretical debate, in which the researchers set out to discover if sexual selection is in deed selecting traits that would reduce the costs of reproductive while enhancing the effectiveness of copulation, instead of focusing traits that are mostly costly to the survival of individuals.
Prior to Zietsch and Santtila’s study, the phenomenon of orgasmic pleasures has been in intense discussions among biologists and evolutionists for quite awhile. In fact there exist a number of previous researches that addressed the argument regarding the evolutionary basis of human female orgasm. These studies focused on whether orgasm, especially in female, has an evolutionary adaptive function, and if so, what that function might be. Zietsch and Santtila affirmed that the ‘sire Choice hypothesis recently revealed with accompanying evidences tha...

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...elf, I believe that the results satisfied the study’s objectives, which was to determine if whether the causal link between orgasm and reproductive success exists. In terms of the theoretical debate, it remains undecided if sexual selection is indeed selecting traits that would reduce the cost of reproduction while enhancing the chances of fertility. The results did in fact indicate that orgasm does not influence reproductive success; therefore the theoretical hypothesis appears to be impractical at the moment. In order for sexual selection to act, such trait has to enhance reproductive chances; and since orgasm and fertility has no correlation, it means that the trait has been selected for different reasons rather than sexual reproduction. The theories of evolution remain true and unchallenged, although the possibility of future findings might demonstrate otherwise.

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