The Human Fear Of Leaving Earth Essay

The Human Fear Of Leaving Earth Essay

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Interstellar captures the human fear of leaving Earth. In the movie, the crops have become subject to blight, there are scarce resources, and humans are running out of time. When Cooper, the main character, finds NASA via a gravity disturbance he is shocked. In this world, the scientists and the people that drive innovation are long gone; there are hardly any leaders left to really institute change. The leaders that are left are the people that have to push away the fear of the unknown. Dr. Brand, Dr. Mann and Dr. Edmonds, Cooper, and Murph are all individuals that show, at some point in time, the traits of a leader. Interestingly, all of the characters make crucial mistakes and judgments that impact their leadership, but they all deserve mention for their leadership abilities.
Dr. John Brand is the person that started this entire quest and so he is the first leader of this film. As the head of NASA, he had the power to decide what was going to happen in his program, and he decided after years of research that humans needed to leave Earth to survive. That idea was scary and hard for almost every person to grasp. But Dr. Brand clarified his values by pursuing his gravity equation and believing that Humans could leave the earth, just as they had before the world started to turn against them. Then, he set the example by telling others that this was possible and truly believing what he preached. The future he saw was a duality. Either the Lazarus missions or the endurance would find a suitable home world or they would have to leave all of the inhabitants of the world and create a colony with a population bomb. His visions were harsh, but they were the reality. Sometimes the truth is the least favorable option, but it has...

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...illing to be not tell ethical dilemmas. Leaders also have to be brave, but that bravery can turn into fear. When that happens, the leader has to be willing to let others help them. Being open to new ideas and concerns helps the leader not be so afraid. They cannot hide behind their fear and their one-sidedness, and they cannot shoot others ideas down. Without new ideas, leaders cannot foster innovation. Most importantly, this film proved that leaders first and foremost have to be determined. Dr. Brand, Dr. Mann, Dr. Edmunds, Cooper, and Murph were all determined to fight for their ideas and beliefs. None of them wanted to take no for an answer. To me, that quality is one that cannot be taught. Every person is capable of following the Student Leadership Challenge, however the passion to follow their hearts, values, and beliefs is what sets great leaders apart

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