Essay on The Human Evolution Through History

Essay on The Human Evolution Through History

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Human Evolution through history has had many different aspects to it, with new advancements, we have become who we are today. Today the only remaining humans are called Homo sapiens. There has been a difference in posture, abilities, and most of all brain capacity and critical thinking is perhaps the most important of all. The idea of Critical thinking is how we are now able to catch our food today without getting hurt. What is the key? The key has been the development and use of tools by past humans. Dennis O’Neil states that earlier flake tools were the best. However, based on stone and metal tools I disagree by stating the hand axe was the pinpoint of innovation for new modern tools.

The Australopithecus or also known as the Australopithecines, are some of the earliest bones found on earth. This, and is one of the most famous fossils ever found (Haviland: 144). The fossils name was “Lucy”. This fossil was the first fossil that gave scientists clue about when humans started separating from apes. Lucy was an ape-like bipedal human who was around just 4 feet tall, and she is over 3 million years old. Her hands were made to be in the trees, and therefore archaeologist assumed she was a plant eater, despite the fact she was bipedal. Since she spent her life in the trees, it was thought these types of early humans did not need and did not make stone tools at all.

Flake tools were first found to be 2 million years old, but some anthropologists think they are from 2.5 million years ago, these can be known as the Lower Paleolithic tools(Haviland:166). The Oldowan tool tradition is characterized by just a chopping tool. It was made by something called the percussion method, the act of banging a rock against another to chip away the s...

... middle of paper ... the early flake tools to the next tools, there was a huge gap between these and the next modern Homo to make tools, the Homo Erectus. After the hand axe, Homo erectus was quickly capable of making smaller knives and sharper tips for other jobs as well, a large amount of tools made in just a small amount of time.

In conclusion, flake tools were a start to human tool use and evolution. Both flake tools and hand axes were crucial tools into what tool we work with today. The evolution of main human types has also affected what we have come up with from the past. It is important to keep in mind that flake tools were the first stone tools found, and was the basis of the hand axe. Although stone tools by early Homo may have been the greatest thing that happened to hunting, it was not the breakthrough of modern tools today that have evolved from the later made hand axe.

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