Human Enhancement And Biotechnology : The World Of Ethics And Medicine Essay

Human Enhancement And Biotechnology : The World Of Ethics And Medicine Essay

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The concepts of human enhancement and biotechnology are fairly new terms in the world of ethics and medicine. These words, although far from being unfamiliar, are not often heard in the medical field except in special cases. However, in the past few years, the research and use of biotechnology is on the rise and becoming more prevalent under certain situations. This week’s reading focuses on the issues of biotechnology in a historical and modern context, yet also addresses the pros and cons of such developments.
In order to fully understand the uses of human enhancement and biotechnology, one must first decipher their purposes. Human enhancement is typically referred to as improving the overall functioning of a human being, both physical and mental. Biotechnology is a process that often results in human enhancement and is often achieved through genetic manipulation, nanotechnology, and cybernetics. Because of their power to completely change the human race, there is a a very fine line when it comes to the proper use of such technological advances. A key point is the difference between this technology’s use for therapeutic purposes as opposed to the alteration of normal human functioning. Many of the processes are crucial to countless people of society, especially those who have suffered from accidents forcing them into amputation, disabilities, ADHD, and infections. Without enhancing drugs, these people would not have the capability to function at a normal rate. This is where the pros and cons of this technology come into play.
At first glance, human enhancement and biotechnology appear to be extremely beneficial to the human race. Who wouldn 't want to become smarter or stronger through the simplicity of a medication? ...

... middle of paper ...

...needs to avoid especially at its current degenerative state.
The enhancement of the human race though biotechnology can be a complicated issue due the positive and negative factors involved. It address the questions that are at the center of the medical field, such as what it means to be human, the role of technology in health care, and the boundaries of treatments involving advances in technology. Although human enhancement appears to have several positive affects, the negative affects are also great in number. Neither can be overlooked since this technology has the power to not only improve humanity, but also bring it to an all time low. By considering the factors that play into the outcomes of biotechnology, it is possible to answer the pressing questions at hand and to determine the circumstances in which biotechnology could result in beneficial outcomes.

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