Human Elements in Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra Essay

Human Elements in Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra Essay

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The legacy of Indian culture and heritage is so great that it inspires us to consider everything in nature as holy and powerful. Man is at nature’s mercy, if he goes against its will, the cruel punishment he receivers might range from depriving him of his legitimate livelihood to death! Hindus believe that, the entire creation, including the life of the humans is made up of five elements; (1)‘Prithvi’ (the earth ),’Aapaha’(water),’Tejaha’(Fire or effulgence),and ‘Vaayahu’(air),’Aakaasha’(the aetherial sky, the infinite space above).After death, the human body dissolves into these five elements of nature and thereby balances the nature’s cycle of ‘Srishti’ (creation) followed by ‘pralayam’ (extinction or annihilation).
(2)In Hinduism, a very prominent belief is that, water cleanses all the ailments of human body and it is the symbol of fertility without which human existence becomes impossible. Most of the holy places are located on the banks of the rivers, sea shores and mountain ranges. They have special significance and they are considered sacred. It is the goal of the Hindus to bathe in the waters once in their life time, to be cleansed of their wrong doings .(3)The Hindus have a close and sentimental pious attachment to all the rivers in India. The Narmada is one of the most sacred rivers of the seven holy rivers, originates from the Maikali ranges at Amarkantak in MP and flows between the mountain ranges of Vindhya and Sathpura. Gita Mehta, a post colonial writer, meticulously weaves the stories and connects the lives of the characters to the holy river the Narmada in her book, ’A River Sutra’.’Sutra’ means thread that connects, ’River Sutra’ means river that connects. Throughout the book, one cou...

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...e could understand, digest and try to showcase the Indian culture and heritage is quite inspiring.

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