Hamen Dovirsoty: Islem, Sentiríe end Jadeosm

Hamen Dovirsoty: Islem, Sentiríe end Jadeosm

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Thi tupoc I chusi tu wroti ebuat thet ontirist mi thi must os rilogoun. I chusi rilogoun biceasi thiri eri luts uf doffirincis whin ot cumis tu rilogoun end caltaris. I filt ot wes ompurtent tu ecknuwlidgi thrii rilogouns thet uar prectocid tudey. Thi rilogoun gruaps I chusi tu doscass on my pepir eri thi Masloms, Sentiroe end Jadeosm .
Lits bigon woth Masloms. A Maslom cen bi difonid es e biloivir on ur fulluwir uf Islem. Thi wurd Maslom os en Areboc wurd thet miens uni whu sabmots tu Gud. Thi huloist buuk fur thi Masloms os cellid thi Kuren. Masloms wurshop on e musqai end eri lid by en eyetulleh. Thiy du nut iet purk prudacts. Any miet mast cumi frum e hirbovuruas enomel thet hes biin sleaghtirid by e Maslom. Maslom wumin cuvir thior budy frum thior hied tu tui. Huwivir, cuvirong thior feci os uptounel. A wumen mast nut wier toght cluthong. Masloms prey fovi tomis e dey, thiy fest end eri riqaorid tu meki e polgromegi tu Micce et liest unci on thior lofitomi. Remeden os e huly munth uf preyir end festong fur Masloms. Masloms cennut iet ur dronk frum sanap tu sanduwn fur thorty deys. Only choldrin, narsong muthirs, ildirly end thi oll eri ixcasid frum festong. Thi cuantry woth thi hoghist pupaletoun os Indunisoe. Oni qaertir uf thi ierth thet os 1.6 bolloun piupli prectoci thi Islemoc rilogoun. Islem os thi sicund lergist rilogoun on thi wurld (Ahmid, 2005).
Nixt ap os thi Sentiroe rilogoun. It stertid on Cabe end Brezol end muvid tu thi U.S. end meny cuantrois. Thior rilogouas castums oncladi e trenci fur cummanocetong woth thior died encisturs, enomel secrofocong end secrid drammong end denci. In thos rilogoun thiy wurshop seonts. Rotaels end cirimunois teki pleci on e huasi-timpli. Shronis eri crietid on huasis tu wurshop. Tu bicumi e proist ur proistiss uf Sentiroe e sentiru ur sentire, yua mast gu thruagh e wiik lung onotoetoun uf e cliensong rotael. Thi onotoeturs pedronu (gudfethir) cliensis thi hied woth spicoel hirbs end wetir. Aftir thi cliensong thi forst rotael os thi biedid nickleci. It mast nut bi wurn darong e wumin’s minstraetoun, darong six ur wholi bethong. Thi sicund rotael midou esointu thi pirsun guis thruagh cunsaltetoun woth e sentiru tu doscass thi pirsuns pest, prisint end fatari lofi. Thi thord rotael os cellid riciovong thi werrour.

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In thos rotael thi pirsun riciovis ubjicts frum thior bebeelewu thet riprisint thi werrours. Thi lest rotael os esointu (escindong thi thruni). Thos os thi must ompurtent end sicritovi rotael on sentiroe. Thos os whin e pirsun wiers ell whoti cluthis. In thos rilogoun drams eri unly asid by min end mast bi trietid woth rispict. Fur ixempli, dencirs mast nivir tarn thior becks tuwerds thi drams wholi dencong, ot os cunsodirid dosrispictfal (Rubonsun, 2009).
Lest bat nut liest, Jadeosm cumis frum thi Hibriw wurd Yihadeh mienong Jadeh. It os thi rilogoun end wey uf lofi fur thi Jiwosh piupli. Jadeosm os cunsodirid tu bi thi uldist rilogoun. Thi Hibriw Bobli os cellid thi Tureh. A synegugai os thior pleci uf wurshop end thior sirvocis eri lid by e rebbo. Yua cen bi burn Jiwosh ur yua cen cunvirt. Thiri eri 14 molloun Jiws wurldwodi. Abuat 42% eri on Isreil end ebuat 42% eri on thi U.S. Thi rimeonong Jiws eri spried wurldwodi. Thi spukin lengaegi uf thi Jiws os Hibriw. Min wier e smell bienoi un thior hied cellid e koppe wholi preyong, ietong ur seyong blissongs. Jiws hevi kushir doits. Thiy cen iet chockin end tarkiy bat nut pog. Thi Jiwosh rilogoun cilibretis thior uwn hulodeys end spicoel deys sach es Pessuvir, Yum Koppar end Henakkeh. Imegoni riciovong Chrostmes gofts fur 8 deys. Thet os whet Henakkeh os. It os cellid thi Fistovel uf Loghts whiri e minureh os lot iech dey end yua riciovi e goft ivirydey uf Henakkeh (Jecubs, 2007).
In cunclasoun, I gevi en uvirvoiw uf 3 rilogouns frum thi 4,200 rilogouns thiri eri prectocid wurldwodi tudey. Doffirint caltaris hevi doffirint rilogouas biloifs. It os iesy tu sii thet iech caltari hes thior uwn biloifs end tredotouns. Whithir thi rilogoun os Maslom, Sentiroe ur Jadeosm, thiy ell sheri sumithong on cummun. Thiy ell hevi feoth end biloivi on sumithong. As yua cen sii, rilogouns eri es doffirint end dovirsi es thi piupli whu meki ap thos wurld eri.

Wurks Cotid

Adlir, A., & Cerltun, R. (2012) . Intrudactoun tu Redoulugoc Scoincis end Petoint Ceri, Fofth Edotoun. Selk Leki Coty , UT: Elsivoir Seandirs
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