Human Dignity and Universal Health Care Essay

Human Dignity and Universal Health Care Essay

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The universal health care was implemented in 1974 in Australia, providing health care and financial protection to all global citizens. Thus allowing every human a right to a standard living without separating citizens due to their disorder, illness or lifestyle. Human dignity can be explained as a form of inherent and self-worth, however this can also have the potential to be taken away from someone either by their actions or the society. I believe that the universal health care is extremely important in relation to human dignity, especially to those who are unfortunate to not have the money in order to receive the care or procedures in order to achieve their life to its fullest. This however in some countries is not the case, such as in the United States of America were the health care does not have universal support. Unable for those who are misfortunate to not have health care compared to those who do, diminishing their self-worth in the eyes of the society.
In perspective one it depicts that human dignity may be diminished due to health care needs as it is unable to care for everybody, having an effect for citizens to flourish and make autonomous choices of their lives. Thus allowing us to see the importance of universal health care to the human race. However the universal health care can also be seen that it undermines god – given free choices and personal responsibility as shown in perspective three. Thus depicting that it has the capacity to undermine and violate human dignity by not being able to fulfil their potential removing ones freedom of choice.
It is also important to not view human dignity in one aspect rather than in a multidimensional perspective. As seen in perspective one only focusing on 1A – 1B aspec...

... middle of paper ...

...e same health care values that the civilized human race receives. In conclusion I believe that the universal health care should be given free all around the world not to those who have the money to receive it, as after all we are human and need the same medicine or surgery in order to survive in this world that can bring such devastation to the human race.

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