Essay on Human Diets And Lifestyles During The Advent Of Assembly

Essay on Human Diets And Lifestyles During The Advent Of Assembly

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The past century has seen astounding changes to human diets and lifestyles. The advent of assembly has led to the production of highly processed foods that are cheap and efficiently distributed to the masses [1]. This progress, as much as it is a blessing, can also be considered a curse. These are indirect consequences of epidemic proportions that countries all over the world are just now beginning to understand. These diseases are not a normal idea of what comes to mind when thinking of an epidemic; these are non-communicable diseases (NCDs) [2]. They can be broken up into four categories: Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers, and Chronic Respiratory diseases (CRDs) [2]. All of these diseases can be linked to abnormalities in sugar homeostasis. So an understanding of cause and effect is an important clinical tool for differential diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Not only can this logic be applied clinically, but it can also be applied to the NCD epidemic as a whole. Therefore, we must always be considering the different aspects of sugar homeostasis within the context of these disease states as well as others.
Sugar homeostasis is a very important regulatory factor in the metabolisms of all living things. The human body is no different, and it relies on its ability to maintain a relatively constant, and tightly regulated blood glucose concentration. The liver and pancreas do this hormonally by using the insulin-glucagon feedback loop. When this pathway is functioning inadequately, it is often due to the failure of cells to respond to insulin (type II diabetes). Another possible abnormality is the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin due to autoimmunity (type I diabetes). In either case, blood suga...

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...aps the best way to monitor sugar homeostasis is through checking blood sugar levels at periodic time intervals, which can be correlated to an ideal range for a certain demographic. Blood glucose is assessed through measuring the amount of glycated hemoglobin. That is, measuring the amount of glycation that has occurred on the cells through non-enzymatic reactions, which can be thought of as an average indicator of plasma glucose concentration. The higher the glycation of hemoglobin, the higher the blood glucose levels. For any individual with problems related to sugar homeostasis, this number may be higher on average. When dealing with patients suffering from chronic NCDs as well as other diseases, the HBA1c level can be an imperative diagnostic value. It can be fair assessments at how well the bodies’ metabolism utilizes the carbohydrates that are being taken in.  

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