The Human Development Index Of A Nation Essay

The Human Development Index Of A Nation Essay

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In order to maintain a healthy and competent nation, the government needs to intervene on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies to enable patients to have simpler access to pharmaceuticals pertaining to weight loss. If the obesity rate continues to escalate, then more and more individuals within the workforce will dwindle in competence and the ability to perform tasks that are essential to maintaining an efficient nation. Additionally, the Human Development Index of a nation takes into account the health and well being of its inhabitants, which would be negatively affected if the obesity rate continues to rise. As a result, the nation would become inferior in that aspect to other nations. By increasing the ease of ability to obtain these pharmaceuticals, then the overall well being of the nation should increase. This can be seen as a prime example of paternalism, since insurance companies are excluding medications that will add to the overall well being of the nation. As many obese individuals are not able to attend a “gym due to financial predicaments, health concerns, or time constraints”, the most efficient way to combat the issue of obesity is to make weight-loss medications more accessible to a wider range of individuals (Aetna 2015). By restricting this accessibility, insurance companies are hindering the opportunity for individuals suffering from obesity to improve their lifestyle. There is a value conflict at stake in this situation between efficiency and social stability, which is perhaps the main reason that these medications are not more accessible. Some consider obesity the responsibility of the beholder, and thus do not feel it is the responsibility of the government to intervene in a matter that could have bee...

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...nsufficiently support obesity prevention programs. Although it is possible for government intervention to allocate its funds in the further research of creating effective anti-obesity medications, it is not the optimal choice in terms of immediate results. Citizens and policymakers are fixated on a status quo bias, fearing uncertainty. Current citizens would be unwilling to consume an experimental drug with little research and credibility. Therefore, the most ideal option is implementing a tax relief on insurance companies. This can lead to lowering the prices of anti-obesity medication, furthering its accessibility to those who could not afford it beforehand. This can be done relatively quickly in comparison to the second solution. Thus, we recommend the government to implement a tax relief on insurance companies that are willing to fund obesity related medication.

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