Human Development Class Reflection Essays

Human Development Class Reflection Essays

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The Human Development’s concepts, theories and so on give me a better understanding to explain why people act in different kind of situation that they have. Make me more appreciate the value of taking Human Development class.
In the concept of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems they played huge role to shape my character, values and so on to make me a better person right now that I still value them. For example, in my mesosytem to force me to be more religious because I studied in catholic school. Until now, I become more religious person and makes some more friends which it help me to build up my confident to my social activities. Also, my microsystem made me more independent because in my every early age I started to be help in house chores that helps me to be my foundation in the real world. Only few people will help out. So far, the concept of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems still keeps continuing as I grow up and helps me to be more successful in the real world.
In my early childhood, when I started schooling, I always cried and my parents couldn’t manage to leave me at all. They used Positive Reinforcement which is giving something good. To keep me stay at school by myself, they always brought me my favorite ice cream. However, my parents got financial problems. They couldn’t afford to buy me my favorite ice cream so they decided to use Negative Reinforcement which means taking away something bad. They started to hit me on my butt which a thick bamboo stick when I refused to stay in my school by myself. I forced myself to stay in my stay in my school so, I wouldn’t get hit. Using Positive and Negative Reinforcement taught me so many lessons in life that I could use in my work as a babysitter to discipline a 8 ye...

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...cause of my Id needs to have good grade in examination and my Ego decide to get the answers to my friends’ papers which means to cheat but my Superego says I might be in trouble if I get caught. However, I mostly don’t listen to my Superego at all. In the few years of my high school like I became more successful and had good grades. But in college is totally different because they are more strict than high school. Now, I listen to my Superego to be more successful in my college lives than could help me in the real world to be a better person.
In conclusion, Human Development class in really worth to take because it helps most of the majors and even in the real world to be more successful and be more productive than ever. Also, It makes people be more open-minded and not to be ignorant when they encounter different kind of people in different kind of age they have.

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