Human Destruction And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

Human Destruction And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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As Jane Goodall once said, “ Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, we shall be saved,” (National Geographic, 2016). This quote shows her beliefs on the importance of the environment along with the creatures that inhabit it. It is clear that Goodall’s outlook on the environment constitutes the idea of what goes around comes around. Only if we help to save the environment will we be able to save ourselves. Goodall’s distinguished work with chimpanzees and other primates has had an enormous influence on the world (National Geographic, 2016). Primates today are faced with the danger of human destruction, especially in Central and Western Africa, where the threat of an underdeveloped agriculture system haunts civilians. The endangerment of apes in Central and Western Africa poses negative, long term ecological effects. Through exploring the issues contributing to the endangerment of apes, the effects it has on the ecosystem, and the preventative measures that are being put into place, we can better comprehend Jane Goodall’s message. We must begin by understanding the issues at hand.
The endangerment of apes in Central and Western Africa is bred by ignorant human behavior. People who live in these areas engage in activities that threaten the ecosystem. These activities include commercial logging and illegal hunting for bushmeat. In doing these, apes lose their habitats and their lives. Logging, the act of cutting down trees in forests for profit, has recently increased in Africa to the point of land exploitation (Peterson, Ammann, & Museveni, 2003; Kormos, Boesch, Bakarr, & Butynski, 2003). European and Asian countries meet their timber demands by logging in Central and Western Africa. Co...

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...any ecological effects which are not easily reversed. Some of these include deforestation and loss of habitat, unbalance in the ecosystem, and episodes of human epidemics. The problems faced through the endangerment of the apes have been seen in other aspects of human versus environment interactions including the tragedy of the commons, rewilding of various landscapes, and in the contradictions in the political economy. These issues can only be combatted through cooperation of society as a whole. Once people understand how strongly their actions can influence the environment, they will begin to make a change. This is an concept that Jane Goodall realized and hoped to share with mankind. She knew that humans hold the power to save the earth and therefore themselves. If the forests and apes in Africa can be conserved, then in return the civilian’s lives can be as well.

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