The Human Desire to Tie a Supernatural Element into Their Life Essay

The Human Desire to Tie a Supernatural Element into Their Life Essay

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The creation of the universe is a topic that people have a vast number of opinions on. From what I can gather from the article, Stephen Hawking, believes that the creation of the universe has nothing to do with a supernatural being or anything to do with divination. He believes that human beings create that fantasy to fulfill their own beliefs on the creation of our universe. Not only does Hawking believe God does not play a role in the creation of the universe but Mr. Ferris agrees with Hawking in saying physics is the only item that has anything to do with the creation of the universe as well (Garner). They view religion and mathematics as two separate categories and view religion to lack progressive development the way physics or math has. Science is a provable and tangible way to help show the creation of the universe, even though Hawking’s theories have yet to be proven, he believes there is so much science going into how the universe was created that we should believe that any supernatural entity has no room to fit into how the universe came about.
The main way Hawking believes that we could understand and prove that the beginning of the universe is purely scientific would be by something he calls the M-theory. The M-theory is also referred to as the Grand Design. The M-theory is a way to predict how the universe came to be and how to prove that the universe came from nothing and appeared out of the blue. They refer to an image that stuck out in mind of God blowing bubbles, our universe being a bubble. In the article this theory is said to be the same theory that Albert Einstein was hoping to discover. In his book, Brief History of Time, Hawking believes that with the progression of Einstein knowing so much in his time, th...

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...hing in us that pushes us towards them every once in a while. Eventually curiosity sinks in and we look for answers to what we do not understand or what we cannot answer. Humans need somewhere or someone to run to with their fears, questions or their problems. Life can be very uncertain and scary and we need something we can always turn to and count on. If there really is a supernatural being or divine entity, I believe they fill the voids of doubt we have as humans and if there isn't a divine being/s, the belief that we have that they do exist can serve as the same purpose.

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