Human Dependence on Gadgets Essay

Human Dependence on Gadgets Essay

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The history of gadgets goes back to those times when humans first started creating tools to make their lives easier. Various devices and appliances were created for specific practical reasons and were perceived as novelties in the beginning, due to the cautiousness in dealing with anything unfamiliar. The industry and technological advances of today has facilitated the invention of gadgets so numerous and varied that today most of the human life aspects are controlled or affected by technology. Once people started and ended up their day by looking at someone they loved. Nowadays, for the majority of us, the day starts and ends up with a gadget.
It’s difficult to argue the fact that gadgets have significantly simplified lives of people, while adding comfort and luxury. However, human dependence on technological devices is so immense that people stop being able to function without them. If cars go off the road no one would be able to reach their destinations. Many people would find it hard to cook without microwaves. Simple calculations would not be simple any more without calculators, while washing without a washing machine would become a torture. Our brains are under constant influence of an ever-expanding gadgetry world: Multichannel Hi-definition TV, internet, video games, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and of course smart phones - the list is never ending. In case electricity fails, life would come to a standstill, casting humanity away to the Dark Ages.
The digital technology explosion of today has completely changed not only the way we live and communicate, but also the way we see ourselves and other people, immensely altering human brain. Scientists claim that a daily exposure to high-tech devices and search engines, such as Google sti...

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