Human Connections through Material Goods Essay

Human Connections through Material Goods Essay

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Shoes are a necessity we as humans use daily. In our lives as human beings, one characteristic that seems to separate us from other animals is our reliance on shoes. We go out of our ways to buy shoes whether it is comfortable or not. Although shoes may come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, the purpose of shoes is to help us get to where we need to go and to protect our feet. The history of shoes dates far back, however, no really knows when the first pair of shoes was created. We do know that they were originally made to warm and protect the feet. With that being said, as we move into modern day society we lost the main purpose of why we needed shoes. Reflecting on all the pair of shoes I have, I realized that the pair of boots I bought from Bearpaw was the most important to me. My pair of Bearpaw boots protects my feet in the fall and winter. More specifically, it keeps my feet warm during the rainy and snowy days. Knowing that a pair of boot serves that purpose I could not help but wonder why I needed to consume more than one pair of shoes. Why do people need more than one shoe if they all serve the same purpose?
My reliance on my pair of Bearpaw boots is essential. Tom Romeo created and founded BearPaw in 2001. The company strives for “sustaining the environment so that the actions they take now will not compromise future generations. They believe it is the status quo in their industry and they set specific objectives such as, strive to be an industry innovator on environment issues, commit to environmentally friendly ways to produce and package our products and reduce, reuse and recycle within their workplace.” Their intentions of redefining casual footwear were done by utilizing sheepskin, nature’s own te...

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...the very first pair of shoes was created many years ago and was designed solely to protect our feet from rocks and debris and to provide warmth, we have lost this value of what shoes are used for. If we did not have shoes, we would not have a sufficient way to protect our feet. By at actually sitting down and examining this pair of boots, it helped me to see that such an object has more value than what meats the eye. Before I began reflecting on the value of my pair of boots, I use to wake up, put them on, and not even realize how important they are to me. Unfortunately, it does not stop there, thinking about my pair of boots this way has also made me realize that throughout my daily routine I tend to forget how much value things are to me. With that being said, in order to change how I consume any item, I need to look within myself and realize “I” need to change.

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