Essay on Human - Computer Interaction

Essay on Human - Computer Interaction

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Human Beings and Computers Perfect Together?
Every day you come in contact with numerous computers. Some interactions are intentional and others happen without you realizing it. Computers have made life easier. Over 72% of households have internet connections. (Administration, 2013) Students from an early age are surfing the net, playing games and completing homework assignments. Advanced medical imaging and treatment devices are now controlled by computers. Assembly-line production in manufacturing has increased productivity. The outlook is for increasing interactions between human beings and computers. (Harper, 2008) Like many issues there are two sides to the story.
Computer use in the US is on the rise. Many people are using more than one device like a smart phone and computer and various applications like email and social media on a daily basis. Computer usage cuts across all ages from pre-school through retirees. You even see toddlers playing with their parent’s smart phones and tablets.
It is easy to see the benefits of computer usage in many areas of society. Medical applications include the use of computers in medical imaging that increases the accuracy of tests. The collection of medical records electronically provides storage of all the patient’s files in one place. This allows for the transfer of digital files between primary physician and specialists for remote consultation for diagnosis and treatment. Robotics has been used to provide therapy for patients recovering from spinal cord injuries. (Sledziewski, 2012)
Education is another area where the benefits are easy to see. Preschoolers learn basic computer skills through game play. Laptops and digital white boards are used by teachers as well a...

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