Essay about Human Communication and Vocabulary

Essay about Human Communication and Vocabulary

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Vocabulary is the very basis of all human communication. We start building our vocabulary from the day we are born. An individual’s vocabulary is the words or signs of their language that they are familiar enough with to understand and or use. Acquiring a large vocabulary is indispensable to comprehension and communication. Of the many different vocabulary banks one person can reference, the two most relevant are receptive and active. We have a degree of knowledge for each word within your vocabulary banks. Vocabulary knowledge goes much deeper than simply knowing the meaning of a word. Isabel Beck does a great job scaffolding vocabulary into tiers for a deeper understanding of why we should teach in levels. (Tyson, 2013)
Our receptive vocabulary contains the words we hear, read or see and understand their meaning as well as have a visual image representation for. As an infant we are building a vocabulary bank of the words we hear. As we grow older is becomes important to connect a gestalt imagery for each word and in doing so each word holds a record of information within itself. It is much more than apple means red fruit. Apple means fruit of a tree; many colors; many flavors; many types; many smells; this one word floods us with detail.
Our active vocabulary are the words or signs we can produce for the purpose of communication to others. Receptive vocabulary is normally much larger than our active one. One might be able to understand a word heard or read but unable to produce that word themselves to others. The orthography of our vocabulary causes obstacles in the growing of one’s active vocabulary where growing one’s receptive vocabulary can be aided with context from the presenter. We start with symbol imagery ...

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...mation they can conclude about this word. Drawing pictures around the page to help form mental imagery. Writing words that mean almost the same or the total opposite of the new word in a flip flop manner around it. All these activities will help established the word soundly in their vocabulary bank and is a great tool that not only helps them with vocabulary but also teaches them how to master other skills. Word walls is another concept many teacher use. Whenever a student encounters a new word they are to place in on their wall. This wall can be in many forms, from notebooks to large posters. Periodically collect students' walls and create opportunities for students to hear, see, and use the words in context. For example, you might use words from students' walls in classroom conversations. Require students to use the new words in their work or conversation.

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