Human Communication And Human Beings Essay

Human Communication And Human Beings Essay

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Human beings have the remarkable capability to express more emotions and expressions more so than any other mammal. We can communicate to other human beings in a clear and concise way that makes it easy for others to follow the message that was spoken. Humans can voice their own emotions so other humans can respond to various needs of others. Like a mother hearing the cry of her child, the mother will know to tend to the child without question. This is the beauty of human communication and why humans have a need to help others, it is basic instinct. When a mother hears the cry of a child, it may not even be her own child, the brain starts firing on all cylinders. Suddenly, a rush of Epinephrine and dopamine rush into the bloodstream, an almost instant reaction to help the nearby child. (Knowlton, 2016). People have a natural calling to help their fellow man to grow. Every since the dawn of man, human beings have helped other humans. Sharing food, shelter and resources; helping other members survive on to produce children of their own and the cycle continues. How would this make any sense? Why would a person put their own well being, and potentially, after another person? It is due to the wonderful brian that we all posses. For the advancement of mankind the human brain wants to ensure that it survives and it recognizes other humans are a key to growth. This is why helping others is so necessary and common in mankind.
It is important to know the reasoning why our brains want to potentially put our own self into harm 's way to help another human being. As said before, our brains recognize that we are better off with others than by ourselves. We are more likely to survive with others than alone. Even in today 's world that is the un...

... middle of paper ... good feeling from helping others. So our brains are hardwired to want to feel good from the Norepinephrine released into our bodies.
In conclusion, psychologists can paint a picture of why people have the desire and or need to help their fellow man. This want or perhaps need can be a good thing, because it promotes humanity in people and a want to help grow a society. With understanding of what hormones trigger releases of epinephrine and stimulate the brain 's sensory functions into the need to help others for your own satisfaction. People help others around them subconscious due to a natural reaction to a group need or desire to be a working group of productive people. Finally, people want to help others to not only subconsciously trigger hormones, but to also help themselves my advancing their own group or society and in effect help themselves in the long run.

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