The Human Brain Is A Well Oiled Machine Essays

The Human Brain Is A Well Oiled Machine Essays

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The human brain is a well-oiled machine. It requires maintenance like any other mechanism. The brains ability to cognitively function is affected by many factors within a person’s surrounding environment. Cognitive abilities began to develop during the early stages of childhood. In newer generations, children have developed shorter tempers, awry cognitive abilities and bleak imaginations. Scientific researchers have labeled upcoming generations as nature deficient. Many scientists, researchers and naturalists blame the innovations in technology for keeping children glued to their video game controllers and game devices; however, they acknowledged that it would be a short-sighted research project if they were to ignore the advances in production and efficiency in conducting tasks that technology has catalyzed. Though technology has propelled the human race into the future, leaving nature on the backburner has affected humans, especially contemporary children, psychologically. It is important to embrace the natural environment by taking advantage on the positive effects it exposes the brain to.
Scientists had to incorporate into their research that a break in a child’s daily routine, with or without nature, relieves stress and can improve cognitive functions. Evaluating different perspectives and scenarios, such as children who are afraid of the unknowns in nature, was important and highly prevalent in the scientific research of this topic. “Removing oneself from habitual patterns of normal experience may have psychophysiological effect that is unrelated to the natural elements of the newer, less familiar context…” (Bratman; Nature experience, cognitive function, and mental health.) Scientists sought to answer the questions that ...

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...and discovery in the natural world…naturalized playgrounds offer the hope that children will develop the environmental values to become the future stewards of the Earth who will preserve the diversity and wonder of Nature” (White; Young Children 's Relationship with Nature: Its Importance to Children 's Development & the Earth 's Future).
Multiple reliable research groups have concluded through their research that nature does have an effect on human psychological development. Behavior, emotional states, stress levels and attention spans are all affected by “green time” and “nature experiences.” All research groups agree that the main age group suffering from nature deficiency is young children still within the psychological development stages. Children benefit immensely psychologically from recess and other outdoor activities.. The change begins with a step outside.

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