Human Body : A Complex And Fragile System Essay

Human Body : A Complex And Fragile System Essay

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The human body is a complex and fragile system that requires metabolic balance throughout different organ systems by the use of different proteins. For a human body to maintain the metabolic balance, everything must be functioning properly. Amyloid is an abnormal protein that is produced in the bone marrow can are deposited in organs. The amyloid proteins are misfolded proteins that are copied and have stuck together to produce a large fibril, losing their normal function as well as disrupting the functions of nearby tissues and organs(Amyloidosis Foundation, 2016). This production of amyloid proteins arises from at least eighteen different proteins and polypeptides that have misfolded and are also associated with multiple diseases and disorders such as Systemic AL amyloidosis and AA amyloidosis. Although the amyloid protein has their favorite organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, nervous system, and the digestive tract to deposit in, the protein does not discriminate on the types of organs that it can affect. Once the protein has decided on which organ they like, the functions of those organ systems will start to become affect. Each type of amyloidosis requires the correct diagnosis, which will also require different treatment. There are multiple types of amyloidosis but the two main types are Immunoglobulin light chain and Serum A protein (AA). Amyloidosis is represented in multiple diseases where an amyloid is produced and have attached itself to a place within the body, affecting the function of this organ.
The most common type of Amyloidosis is the Immunoglobulin Light Chain Amyloidosis, also known as AL amyloidosis and Primary systemic amyloidosis (PSA). This particular amyloidosis is caused by a proliferation di...

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...s form a large fibril, attaching itself to the target organ, resulting in a loss of normal function of that organ and forming a disease called Amyloidosis. The most common type of Amyloidosis is the Immunoglobulin Light Chain (AL) Amyloidosis, which is caused by proliferation from κ or λ immunoglobulin light chains and is deposited in within the tissues of the organ. AL amyloidosis plays a key part in the nephrotic syndrome as well as cardiac myopathy. The second type of amyloidosis is Serum A protein (SAA) Amyloidosis, which is caused by the separation of the SAA protein, making Amyloid A proteins, during inflammation. AA amyloidosis is a secondary response to multiple chronic inflammatory illness or infections. Although AL amyloidosis and AA amyloidosis will affect similar organ system, both of the types of amyloidosis require different diagnosis and treatment.

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