Human Beings Can Fight The Aging Process Essay

Human Beings Can Fight The Aging Process Essay

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We all grow. We all develop. We all reach maturity at some point. To young people growing old can be excited, but to the elderly it’s the other way around. Growing old is something that what we all go through. We all will die, it could be from an illness, an accident, or even just from being too old. Most people are afraid of growing old because they are afraid of dying or because they have not accomplished everything they’ve wanted to in life. There are many ways that human beings can fight the aging process, scientist should help us fight it so we can live longer.

Today, people are beginning to live longer. The average life expectancy in 1907 was 78.years. In 2008 the age expectancy increased to 78 years. By the year 2020 the age expectancy will increase,”..and by 2020, the U.S. Census Bureau projects life expectancy will reach 79.5 years,” (Can). The life expectancy age has increased and will continue to increase based on the nutrition, environment, and lifestyle of a person. The longest known and confirmed lifespan was 121 years old. Jeanne Calment, the oldest women to ever live. She lived a very healthy life, she loved to ride her bicycle ever since she was a little girl until her 100th birthday due to weak bones.

Aubrey de Grey, a scientist has inspired the world to join him on a journey the aging process to help live a long healthy life span. He says that it is a difficult job because he thinks of the world as a "pro-ageing trance." He is happy to accept the fact that getting old can not be avoided. Aubrey says that ageing is a "medical problem," that science can solve. Even though there is no way to stop or slow the aging process--yet, there are a few things you can do to change to help you live a little bit longer...

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...ble to meet and spend time with their grandmother and grandfather. Living a longer life could give and individual to show off their talent and wisdom to the world. Business markets can also benefit from people living longer lives. People who are older means that they have a great amount of money saved up, so businesses will try to make products or services that would attract them. Living longer could offer more jobs. With more people getting old, some will get into nursery homes to be taken care of and the nursery homes could be looking for people to employ so they can help.

Even though we can not live for a very long time-- yet, we can live a healthy live and a much longer life by being active every day, eating healthy, and not doing drugs. There are many ways that human beings can fight the aging process, scientist should help us fight it so we can live longer.

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