Human Beings Are The Greatest And Most Species On The Planet Essays

Human Beings Are The Greatest And Most Species On The Planet Essays

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Human beings are amongst the greatest and most diverse species on the planet. In the short time that the Homo sapiens has roamed the Earth he has been able to do amazing things. These amazing things have distinguished us from our animal kin because they are unique to us as a species. No other species on Earth has built structures of metal or been able to form complex communication that scales the hundreds in terms of the language that we speak. Strictly put the modern human is amazing and we often do not ponder how we got here. Man today takes so much for granted that earlier ancestors did not. Every day we take for granted that we have an almost endless supply of food and clothing thanks to industrialization, shelter that is insulated keeping us warm and secure, and defenses so advanced that we do not have to worry about being killed or maimed by our Animal kin. Human beings are a complex species with a complex past that has taken Anthropologists many generations to understand the origin of. We know that we existed in some shape or form for millions of years. In fact it is a well-known fact that we share our DNA with Apes, specifically if you would believe it or not; the chimpanzee. We existed before then in their line as arboreal creatures hiding from Isothermal creatures known as the Dinosaur and even after that with the homidae.
Before the Ape was able to distinguish itself as a dominant member of the world, he was a smaller creature that existed in the trees of the planet. Hiding and attempting to survive from a vicious predator known as the Dinosaur. However, the evolution of humanity and of Apes as a dominant species is in due part to environmental and circumstantial that forced the Isothermal creatures from vicious preda...

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...With the Neolithic revolution came the rise of order and government, records, and religion. With these things came setbacks for the human beings. Violence was most likely a close thing in the evolution of the Ape and human mammals, but now with ordered societies and a social hierarcy came problems. War, Labor issues, and inequality became the major setbacks for the new species known as the homo sapien.
Despite the setbacks of the Neolithic Age in terms of peaceful cooperation between all homo sapiens, mankind benefitted a lot from the revolution and it created something more than just agriculture. It brought the story of humanity to a new chapter. Although the Neolithic age is by no means our swan song it is really the death of our intimate relationship with the other members of our class. It could be said that it was even the death of our intimate relationship with

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