Human Beings Are Social Creatures By Nature Essay

Human Beings Are Social Creatures By Nature Essay

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Human beings are social creatures by nature. We have a natural impulse to relate among us in order to meet various needs, including emotional necessities. The novelty is that the capacity of human associations is being enhanced and shaped by technological advances nowadays, which have allowed us, among other possibilities, to connect with others without the limits of time and space. Particularly, adolescents are the wide users of internet and the social media. Indeed, in recent years there has been an increase of socialization through the cyberspace with a striking tendency in young people preferring interactions in social networks rather than face-to-face relationships. Online interactions are being widely used as a substitute of meeting friends in person, especially since we can access to these social networks from our smart phones.
Recent studies show that 78% of teenagers from 14 to 17 years old had at least one account in the social media, being Facebook and YouTube the most common ones. Thus, adolescents communicate, socialize, consume, produce, and exchange information, influencing others and being influenced. Especially the young generation today has adopted the online interaction as part of their lives, sharing activities, ideas, desires and feelings in a public virtual space. However, this trend has raised concerns about both positive and negative effects of these new forms of socialization. Indeed, social networks might encourage greater self-confidence in regards of meeting people, since we can determine with whom, how and when we start a conversation, and of course, we can even “unfriend” or “void” people we do not wish to talk to. Social media may also enhance or reinforce our self-esteem when one receives 100 likes ...

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... or other internet websites. This decision could affect the client-therapist relationship and trust, especially if the client finds out that the therapist knows some information without obtaining his/her permission. Again, clients might have presented themselves differently in social media than in therapy. Thus, this information might not be reliable. However, I think that new technologies can be used with good purposes to reduce psychological symptoms and improve the psychological well-being in general. Nowadays, internet-based interventions and the development of apps make psychological treatments more accessible to the general public. Moreover, we can use internet and social media to provide psychoeducation and emotional support to vulnerable populations. Therefore, these strategies will definitely allow us to alleviate psychological problems in a worldwide basis.

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