Human Behavior And The Social Environment Essay

Human Behavior And The Social Environment Essay

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Human Behavior and the Social Environment
The first theory applicable to Maci Jones’ situation is the systems theory. As described by Michael Rothery (2008) systems theory is the concept that social workers use to understand the various structures molding the client into his or her current situation. Since family units have a systemic nature it is essential to assess the client’s environment because it determines their well being (Rothery, 2008). Even further, Rothery (2008) states that people are thoroughly dependent upon their social and physical world and therefore each system is sustaining and shaping one another. Systems can be comprised of anything influencing and shaping the client at the micro, mezzo, and macro level. Therefore, when the systems theory is being used it is to better understand the “goodness of fit with the various aspects of their environment…” and even further, how well those systems are “adapting to each other and the implications of that adaptation” for the client to have the ability to meet his or her needs (Rothery, 2008).
This theory is relevant because multiple circumstances contribute to neglect; therefore, it is necessary to use the systems theory. Maci is involved in a case with concerns of medical neglect and because the family is considered a system it is essential to assess how the family system is structured. Currently, Miranda is playing a significant role in Maci’s life because she is the main caregiver who is also denying medical care. However, Maci has another system, her father, who disagrees with Maci’s primary caregiver. Since she has two important people instilling differing ideas she can become confused on how to appropriately function to meet her needs. Therefore, there is a need to...

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...tated (Stalker & Hazelton, 2008). Therefore, the primary goal of the attachment theory is to provide the child with a secure base to appropriately attain a sense of security to pattern proper social and emotional interpersonal relationships into adulthood (Stalker & Hazelton, 2008).
This relates to Maci because the situation she is experiencing highly affects her attachment to her parents. Being overly attached is not healthy for her at this stage because her internal working model will be affected and she will have difficulties with relationships into adulthood. A strength of this theory is the need to look at interpersonal relationships, during childhood, to analyze the attachment style. A limitation is the inability to acknowledge interpersonal relationship weaknesses due to other roles such as socioeconomic status, racism, and poverty (Stalker & Hazelton, 2008).

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