Human Behavior And Its Effects On Society Essay

Human Behavior And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Human behavior has always been viewed by members of a like population, as either normal or abnormal. Historically, those members that were deemed as abnormal because of their behavior were described with a multitude of titles such as, possessed, mad, eccentric, and crazy. For these people, life held little hope for any type of normalcy until recently, with the growing science of psychology. The continuous push over the past one hundred years has given those who suffer with mental illness, options and hope to lead a more normal life. With advancements such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, and medications; the inability to function in life has been reduced drastically. These advancements in psychology also brought classifications of abnormal behavior and new terminology such as, psychopathology or the “study of mental diseases” (Psychopathology, n.d). However, the definition is misleading in that psychopathology encompasses a vast array of impairments, disorders, and illnesses. There is also a concept of psychopathology; meaning abnormal behavior is simply an extension of normal behavior. Psychopathology can be used when discussing the causation of abnormal behavior, which concerns the factors that are associated with psychological, biological, neurological, and sociological sources. Also, depending upon the discipline addressing the psychopathology, each has definitive approaches and theories of function. The only joining, integrated aspect is that psychopathology is related to negative effect on life. The broad grouping of the term and the criteria it encompasses has caused a debate among mental health professionals. (Bergner, 1997). Thus, even as the science of psychology has advanced exponentially, there are st...

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...ety and was the understanding of the majority of citizens and clinicians in the culture within the United States. Even though the APA stopped considering homosexuality as a mental illness, the ingrained traditional stigma still persists today. A study conducted by Weitz and Bryant discovered textbooks written and published in 1995 that discuss homosexuality as immoral and against God (1997). Twenty years later, these biases are still within the mindset of some within the United States, and within a minority of clinicians (Anderson & Holliday, 2008). Cultural norms and biases must be considered before any determination of behavior is made. The impact of any type of label on a person in society can be detrimental; therefore it is imperative that abnormal behavior and mental illness be approached in a cautious, unbiased, educated, and thorough manner (Arrindell, 2003).

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