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The current issue facing societies around the world is human-animal hybrids experiments. These experiments are viewed in two lights, positive and negative. The positive of having these tests are that scientists could rid the world of diseases. However on the other hand people see these studies as inhumane and detrimental to everyone’s well being. This paper will be broken down into 6 areas including (1) a brief history of hybrid experiments dating within the decade, (2) a view of the stakeholders in the issue at hand, (3) how people would interact with humans receiving these treatments, (4) cultural and ethical considerations, (5) problems still at hand, and (6) a conclusion.
Humans have always loved to mix and combine things weather it is for looks, tastes, and stories. These combinations have always been seen as an improvement until recently. Medical breakthroughs in the cloning industry have been raising more ethical questions than when it initially started. The main issue was playing God. The new issue now is where we draw the line. As of 2003 the first human-animal embryo was created in China at the Shanghai Second Medical University. The creation was a human-rabbit embryo. However the embryo was destroyed before stem cells and research could be collected and studied.
In 2004 another experiment was created in Rochester Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. The clinic was the first to create pigs that used human blood in place of their own. In 2005, two more hybrids are created the first being a mouse with human brain cells and the second is a feline-human protein hybrid. These hybrids are being created to fight and cure cancers and diseases including Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease. 2007 and 2008, sheep ...

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