Human And Physical Factors That Affect The Supply Of Natural Gas Essay

Human And Physical Factors That Affect The Supply Of Natural Gas Essay

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A resource is anything that benefits humans. The supply of resources is affected both by human and physical factors for example technology, demand, geology and climate. This essay will look at whether human or physical factors are of greater importance when effecting supply of resources using the examples of natural gas and bananas.
Natural gas is a fossil fuel which is used to provide energy across the world. Human and physical factors affect the supply of this resource. Firstly, the human factor of technology effects the supply of natural gas as it is needed for the extraction. As advanced technology, such as hydraulic fracturing equipment, is needed to extract natural gas it was only originally extracted near MEDCs such as the USA as they had the money to extract it but not the technology to transport it long distances therefor extracted it near to where they wanted to use so only MEDCs could utilise this resource. As technology has become cheaper and more accessible to other countries such as China and Indonesia. As it is more accessible and cheaper it can be provided in larger quantities to people all over the world in both MEDCs and LEDCs. Technology as a human factor shows that as it develops it increases the supply of the resource having a positive influence.
Natural gas is also affected by physical factors. Natural gas forms over millions of years through extensive heating and pressure on dead material and is therefore only found in places which were densely populated by plants and animals millions of years ago. One example of where gas is found is in some types of sandstone. This means the geology of the land is very important in determining where natural gas is located and therefore where it is supplied to. This is beca...

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...ananas is moved across the world rather than to the people nearest to it. This has been seen with many food resources which are primarily produced in LEDCs such as rice in east Asia where the resource is largely produced but many people suffer from lack of nutrition as most of the produce is shipped to MEDCs. Globalisation largely impacts the supply of resources, usually ensuring there is a large supply to MEDCs and a small supply to LEDCs.
To conclude, physical factors are the deciding factor in determining where a resource is naturally located because of the geology and climate. However, the supply of resources is only down to these physical factors to an extent. Human factors of increased demand and technology can cause supply of a resource to be somewhere unexpected and is mainly down to how cost effective the supply of the resource is and government preferences.

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