The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste Essay

The Human and Environmental Effects of E-Waste Essay

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1. Introduction - Presentation of the issue
2. The Life cycle of an electronic device
3. Issues
4. The Impacts of Electronic Waste
5. Sources of E-Waste
6. Solutions
7. Conclusion
8. Questionnaire
9. Bibliography
9.1. Books
9.2. Articles
9.3. Online (World Wide Web) Sources
10. Appendix 
The phenomenon of discarded electronic or electrical waste has generated worldwide attention and concern as it is a global problem that is getting bigger by the day. This concern is justified due to the effects of environmental pollution that e-waste causes. An estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is produced each year, globally, and this is projected to rise even further. America is the world’s largest producer with China a close second.
Electronic waste, E-waste, e scrap or Electronic disposal waste electrical and electronic equipment are the different names for the same thing. Electronic waste is defined to be an electronic device that is near its useful life or is at the end. E -waste is becoming a growing problem all over the world. The main source of E-waste is the Information Technology (IT) industries and the way these industries impact on the environment by the amount of resources these industries use in manufacturing product, the amount of power consumed by these equipment, the speed of production as well as the dangerous chemicals that are used to produce these electronic devices and the pollution caused across board. An example is how a computer circuit contain many chemical elements such as gold, copper, cadmium and many more.
Air pollution results out of indiscriminate burning of these scrap materials which leads to the release of dangerous chemicals in their gaseous forms and ash into the atmos...

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...ns of electronic devices even after the older versions still work?
10. Do you buy new versions of electronic devices upon release?
11. Do you have any electronic devices?
12. If Yes please list
13. After your electronic devices become damaged beyond repair (or obsolete), what do you do with them?
14. Are you aware of electronic waste recycle programs?
15. Are you aware about environmental hazards caused by improperly discarded electronic equipment?
16. If yes, please list
17. How do you consider the issue of disapproving foreign imports of second hand electronic devices into Ghana?
18. Have you ever visited the electronic waste section of the Agbogbloshie Marketplace?
19. If yes, what was your impression?
20. Do you have further comments or suggestions concerning e-waste management?
21. If yes please list
Thank you for participating in this survey

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