Human Aggregate And Constructed And Perceptual Essay example

Human Aggregate And Constructed And Perceptual Essay example

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Human Aggregate and Constructed/Perceptual, Efforts to reduce the impact of “partying”
As discussed above, the human aggregate is a perception pressured by the people that are on a campus. Using the assumptions listed above, the population of the university, while rather large will have a majority as well. This is assumed to be a majority of women, who come from middle to upper class background and due to family ties, have outlets to jobs after college. This majority in the population would also let us assume that the orientation of incoming students would be geared towards the “Collegiate” student. According to Walsh (1973) the collegiate student is “loyal to their college but indifferent, if not resistant, to serious intellectual demands (as cited in Strange and Banning, 2001, p. 38). This quote would work with the assumption that a majority of the student population “loves” their college, but has no interest in the academics because they have jobs secured after graduation. However, the sub-group population of low-income women does not have this benefit and therefore have to work ...

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