Essay on Human Activity Is Responsible For Our Current Warming Trend

Essay on Human Activity Is Responsible For Our Current Warming Trend

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The biggest problem with climate change today is the debate on whether or not human activity is responsible for our current warming trend. According to Jonathon Schuldt (2014:219), around 99.7% of climatologists agree that man-made climate change is a reality, while only 40% of Americans believe that humans are the main driver. This is because we live in societies in which, thanks largely to the internet, everyone is free to express an opinion. On the issue of climate change, we have tons of sites saying one thing, as well as tons of sites saying something the complete opposite. The problem with the debate is that it has been hijacked by politicians, media, and the public; who undeniably don’t think in a scientific way (Schuldt 2014: 224). This has led to the science of global warming being thrown out of the window and according to Mazo (2014:47), has slowed the momentum of national and international efforts to prevent climate change, to the point where it will be politically impossible to succeed.
According to physicist Jennifer Burney (2013:54), the current warming trend being seen today has everything to do with the social and economic advances from the 19th century Industrial Revolution. During this era, fossil fuel use accelerated the changes we see today in agriculture, manufacturing, and power (Schuldt 2014:237). According to Mann (2009:124), fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas supply most of the energy needed to fuel the cars we drive, and generate electricity for industries and households. Unfortunately, the burning of these fossil fuels puts too much carbon dioxide into the air. This in turn, increases the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing our climate to become hotter. According to Schuldt (...

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... that the earth is heating from the damage we have caused, it is important to educate yourself of the key factors in preventing global warming. According to Schuldt (2014:218), the available options for improving global warming are making good strategic plans to reduce further greenhouse gas emissions, as well as geo-engineering to reverse global warming. But according to Mazo (2013:42), even if the public takes action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the temperatures will still continue to rise over the next few centuries. Even though there is an endless political and public debate regarding the appropriate response to global warming, there is no reason that humans should be sitting around doing nothing about it. Because science has proven the facts that human activity is influencing climate change, it is time for people to stop denying it and start going green.

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