The Huge Evolution Of The English Language

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The Huge Evolution In My Knowledge This summer, unlike any other summer before, I have learned many new writing concepts which caused to expand my knowledge of the English language. Before attending to this class I had some information about writing essay, but my science was incredibly uncategorized and disorganized. After taking this English class I have got a great idea, way of writing is very important for attracting more readers. I never actually thought of writing as a thing I want to fallow passionately, but recently I have got the motivation to write. I have urged by learning lots of essential concepts about essay’s structure that caused to change my writing from beginner to more professional. Also I have learned that adding other authentic sources to my writing, boosts my essay to the higher level of acceptability. Additionally, I have informed that how I can transfer my expressions with a good grammar and minimum of words to the reader. Getting lots of key information through taking English course in this summer, and my intense interest to improve my writing helped me to promote my writing skills dramatically. This summer I have learned that being successful writer is achievable by using prewriting methods cleverly. I never had known how can I arrange my content, and put them in order, to depict a good outline for myself. After taking this class I’ve informed by three most common concepts of prewriting such as, brain storm, free writing and idea map. My favorite method is idea map that is helpful to write the vast variety of essays, however for some types of essays other methods are more usable. Writing attractive hook is other noticeable information that I have learned. I never have had any knowledge about an absorptiv... ... middle of paper ... ...enter. I received their comments and extended my knowledge through acting on them. Eventually, I found my work has improved from other people’s suggestions. All in all, I centralized all my power this semester to gather English knowledge thorough being present every session in class, negotiating with my friends in group works and attending in writing center every week. I have learned lots of writing concepts such as, prewriting methods and structure of essay, using other authors’ statements to clarify my opinion for reader and learning numerous amounts of grammar issues. All these factors and my passion to improve my writing skills caused to the massive changes in my essays’ acceptability. I believe that know I am ready for taking English 102 next semester, however, I am going to keep expanding my abilities by attending in reading center and writing center actively.

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